The climate right database is populated and maintained by researchers at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Helen Keller, LL.M., at the University of Zurich. The database is part of the CRRP research project, which was made possible thanks to the generous legacy of Dr. iur. Dr. h.c. Ursula Brunner RA.

Contributors to the database (past and present) include Corina Heri, Pranav Ganesan, Piriyanthini Muthulingam, Violetta Sefkow-Werner, Benita Rohr, Nicole Lüthi, Benjamin Baumann, Angela Zürni and Elena Nalato.

The CRRP’s research focuses on the realities of climate change as a systemic problem that will influence not only natural phenomena, biodiversity, and the planet’s ecosystems, but also many aspects of human life, including the enjoyment of human rights. The project is made up of four streams of research, which concern:

  1. the potential of human rights litigation,
  2. the redress and remedies available for climate claims,
  3. theoretical and critical perspectives on climate and human rights, and
  4. the comparison with other systemic issues and their solutions.

All human rights are vulnerable to environmental degradation, in that the full enjoyment of all human rights depends on a supportive environment.

UNSR John H. Knox

Because governments, through their inaction, violate basic rights, more and more people around the globe are taking them to court. What’s at stake is a livable future – without climate collapse.

Verein Klimaseniorinnen

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To find out more about the CRRP project, visit the project website at https://www.climaterights.uzh.ch/en.html.

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