Climate Litigation Database

This database contains domestic, regional and international case-law related to human rights and climate change (work on completing the database is in progress). Click on an entry to see more information about a given case, including summaries, commentary, and links to further information.

    Unknown v. Austria

    European Court of Human Rights

    Summary: On 25 March 2021, a yet-uncommunicated application was filed before the European Court of Human Rights concerning the impact…

    Thomas & De Freitas v. Guyana

    Domestic court proceedings

    Summary: On 21 May 2021, two Guayanese citizens filed a case in the domestic courts of Guayana, alleging that their…

    Held and Others v. Montana

    Domestic court proceedings

    Summary: In Held and Others, sixteen young plaintiffs — aged between two and eighteen — brought a case against the…

    Belgian ‘Klimaatzaak’

    Domestic court proceedings

    Summary: On 17 June 2021, a Brussels court of first instance issued its judgment in the Urgenda-inspired Belgian “Klimaatzaak” (Dutch…

    Arctic Athabaskan Council v. Canada

    Inter-American Commission of Human Rights

    Summary: This case, brought before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights by Athabaskan people living in Canada, concerned alleged rights…

    Ali v. Pakistan

    Domestic court proceedings

    Summary: This 2016 petition was brought against Pakistan in the name of a seven-year-old girl from Karachi, and challenges actions…

    The database is correct to the best of our knowledge, and is regularly updated. Errors and omissions may, however, occur.